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Why digital marketing is important as a career?

digital marketing

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates

Let me make it clear with an instance now. I hail from a small town in Kerala (South India) and my state currently goes through a state announced lockdown (dated 19-05-21) which disrupted Ramadan/Eid season this year as complete retail outlet sales were shattered and i honestly had a throwback to the crowd of 2019 during such peak seasons in and around my hometowns where they minted lakhs of rupees on daily basis as a result of selling their products such as apparels and more. Now the things have changed drastically where the only cashflow is the pay-cheque to the room owner as rent.

Yes. most of their operations have been plunged as they majorly relied on offline (retail outlet) rather than using and leveraging the true potential of online business even after getting few Whatsapp enquiries for few relatives asking for some pictures of the products that stacked in their outlet shelves.

In fact this isn’t an exclusive case of my hometown; rather this has turned to be a common picture in and around your states too. Here let me quote Gates once again “If your business is nit on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”

Why Digital Marketing?
Just draft the same scenario and dates once again. Complete shutdown, empty roads and markets and believe me amidst of such situation we generated a turn over of 70,000 rupees by selling our products (average rate of our product 250 rupees) just through few social media platforms during the same season this year despite of our retail outlet being closed.

How did we do this?
Inshort that is the power of Digital Marketing. We were optimizing few of the marketing channels offered through digital space which helped us to cover our fixed costs and to maintain a decent cash reserves. So digital marketing matters for us now to build a business where Bill Gates believe to be a business in this 21st Post-Covid world.


So that’s my story and perspective. Now let’s break this down
Hope you’ve probably got the importance of digital marketing or why an inbound presence in digital venue matters now rather just renewing the website every 6 months. Now let’s break this down.

In simple terms Digital Marketing is the use of internet to reach customers which drives a person from an unknown user to one’s clientcustomer and the one who does this activity as a whole is called a ‘Digital Marketer’.