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Upskill your writing with these 4 core elements. 

Early morning right after a tea, you searched for “trending courses of 2022” through your favorite browser and ended up landing on a website listing the top courses leading you to get an idea on it; from there you turned to your casual swipes and scrolls. Later you switch the tab for another search and it keeps on going till you quench the thirst in getting your required information. So keep in mind; knowingly or unknowingly you were on a website containing a blog that was written by a person who has an idea with a good backend research on this specific area. In fact this is what a blog does basically since its inception. Unfortunately, things have changed and thousands of blogs and such people are available for a single search you make these days. So, to master yourself in writing blogs, articles or any other digital contents in 2022, you have to dig little more deeper before you step into publishing your contents anywhere on the digital space.

So here are the top 4 core elements where you have to excel yourself while writing to seek the attention you desire for.



1.Write for humans


While I connote on saying, write for humans, the takeaway is all about penning your content by understanding the human psychology. So persuading your targeted audience by understanding their psychology works better than any of the prevailing marketing tools while writing a blog. The easiest way to understand this is to write by revolving around how a human think, feel, sense and taste while looking at a piece of content you draft and write at the end. So, the first takeaway is to write by understanding the people’s psychology so that your content gets attention by itself and people will start to share it accordingly.


  1. Be it more focused rather than broader

There’s a great difference in writing between “best universities to study MBA” and “best universities to study MBA in India”. So make sure that the content you publish has a focused area and the body of it does contain such elements. So your niche should be in focus throughout the blog without moving onto a broader area that has nothing to do with your audience to take an action. The focus should be maintained right from choosing your title to the last punctuation you use in it. There are plenty of tools available to help you out in this particular area. So the second takeaway we have right in front of us is to write what’s fitting the title instead of throwing your entire knowledge on it through a single blog.

3. Write for readership

Every content will have a certain set of people who comes and visits it often or frequently on the internet. Basically, we call them our targeted audience. For illustration; a person who is into the marketing field will definitely not make an active search and visit websites that are designed and targeted for doctors or psychologists. So, write by understanding the readers and their interested areas, use terminologies and examples that help them retain and complete the reading. If you can win in this, you win a major proportion in upskilling the art of writing in 2022.

4. Write to build your personal/business brand

Along with writing for your audience, make sure you give a notion to build your personal/business brand through your blogs. You can incite your personal experiences, stories and even connections to let the audience feel that the person behind this blog is someone to be followed in the long run. Hence write to build yourself as people will eventually turn to trust people themselves. So do that part consciously.


So keep these four core elements in mind while you blogs, articles or any such similar contents in 2022. No matter what’s your niche or interested area in writing these contents, these four core elements will unquestionably help you in writing better and thereby persuading the targeted audience in a much more curated manner.

So keep on shaping your content in this manner and once you are all set with the content part; design it well with customized templates, add few images, illustrate them with infographics and quotes. You’re set to publish your well furbished piece! All the best and keep on doing the promotion from your part to get more leads.

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